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Take a look at the awesome Workshops to be held during 2017’s TIR!

IMPROV REHAB – Rance Rizzutto
Looking to get out of your head, create richer environments and stay connected to your group while improvising? Every improviser picks up a bad habit or two along their journey. Improv Rehab targets the big ones and keeps the entire group actively participating throughout.


HOST WITH THE MOST – Rance Rizzutto
Want to be a great host? In improv, you either want to host or end up the host. This will help you find out how to go with the flow, get the audience on your side, and make the show a success.



This workshop is a survey of methods to turn the corner on a scene that has stalled out and is struggling to progress.


SOLO IMPROV – Jill Bernard

There are no true “schools” of improv – we are each our own school, which means your solo piece is the ultimate expression of that school. Work with Jill to practice the skills that are universal to most solo pieces – character snapping, stage pictures, and

aggressive choices.


IT’S ALREADY THERE – Tara DeFrancisco & Rance Rizzutto

Simple tactics to transform SceneWORK into ScenePLAY. Leave with tangible ways of connecting simply at top of scenes so there’s no scripting or planning, but true improvisation that leads to ideas and discovery done collaboratively. This is all about playing With, not At, your fellow playmate.



This, simply said, is a healing circle of friends. Art isn’t therapy, but it is therapeutic, and this session will be transformative to those who need release. Want to unburden your heart and live playfully again? Want to truly connect with a room full of people that are willing to be vulnerable? Come ready to share yourself and be celebrated.


BE HERE NOW – Tara DeFrancisco

Presence is the thing, the one thing we all need the most. For seasoned improvisers, simply breathing and slowing the process allows us access to incredible connection and joy in our artform we miss when we are battling adrenaline spikes we feel onstage. Come try a few mind-bending exercises and experiments to connect with one another, read everything, listen hardest, give and receive gifts with another human by opening up your vulnerability. Application and discussion of play-state vs. director-state in a grand experiment will conclude this workshop.


Information Sharing and Scene Construction – Ryan Archibald

Arch’s workshop will put a focus on sharing verbal and non-verbal information with your partner, look/listen &capitalize on their ideas in order to construct quality scenes anytime, anywhere. These techniques benefit Shortform & Longform improvisation.


Harold Openings with Arch – Ryan Archibald

I know you hate them. You think they are artsy, lame and uninteresting.  Let me change your mind, please.  I’ve been teaching Harold for over 15 years, I love iO’s infamous structure and I can help you connect with why Openings are important and how to better deconstruct your Source and improve the relationship between your audience & ensemble .


Improv to Sketch – Chicago Style – Ryan Archibald

This workshop will focus on some of the techniques, ideas and exercises developed by the Compass Players and used by The Second City for over 50 years to construct quality content through improvisation. This on your feet workshop lead by former Second City Touring Company Director Ryan Archibald will teach you how to write, rewrite and edit on your feet in the old school Chicago tradition.


Red Light District – David Christopher

Come take a walk on the dark side of town and explore a side of your improv game that you didn’t know that you had in you, dramatic improvisation! This workshop will push you to the edge in committing to your choices and connecting with your scene partners, verbally, physically and emotionally. Deep, intense and not for the faint of heart, go all in and take a trip to the Red Light District!


Improvised Monologues – David Christopher

So you think you know how to do an improvised monologue? Think again! In Improvised Monologues you will create rich and real monologues that will immediately captivate and seduce audiences, and leave them (and you) wanting more. Whether you want to perform one as a standalone performance, in a longform piece, or even as part of a scene, learn how to instantly build characters, develop points of view and end monologues that you might swear were actually written!



I’ve taught hundreds of workshops and this has been my favorite and most requested. This will be a full workshop devoted entirely to dancing. We’ll make it fun, we’ll make it beautiful and, most importantly, we’ll make it watchable. Wear comfortable clothes.


Length Doesn’t Matter (or Make Short Form Great Again)

“Short form sucks.” We’ve all heard it. Some of us believe it. I think badly done improv is bad and well done improv is well… I mean good. Use a long-form mindset and a few simple strategies to vastly improve the quality of your game, no matter the length.


Audition Prep – Nathan Jansen

Get tips and practice reps for improv auditions (with a little advice for commercial auditions thrown in). As the 4.5 year director of a professional improv theater I can tell you what the people on the other side of the room are looking for, what pet peeves they might have and what you can do to set yourself up for success. Q&A included.


Intuitive Treasure Hunter – Janna Sobel

Intuitive Treasure Hunter is a life-sized game that fosters self-trust, creative freedom, group support, and big joy. Played around Lake Beulah in groups of three—on foot or by car— ITH invites participants to relate to the life around them and inside them with heightened awareness. Played at TIR since its inception, the game starts with a promise, and ends with a treasure.


The Inside Story – Janna Sobel

Storytelling is a powerful tool that is used to sell cars, start wars, explain the movement of the stars, and pass on the wisdom of generations. In this workshop, we will explore the power of story and apply it to the truths that matter most to you. Sometimes the things that matter most to us feel ineffable. This workshop will help you to put words to what matters.


Hey Hey Hambone – Andel Sudik

What’s your Hidden Knowledge? No matter how ‘real’ (Quantum Physics) or how ‘dumb’ (the cadence of characters in Joss Whedon shows), we use that to create content or use them improvisationally.


Warm Up to Warm Up – Andel Sudik

Sharing our favorite warm ups and creating NEW ones to take with us. Warming up should always be the most fun: Let’s make it so!


No Humans Workshop – Craig Uhlir

Through the use of creative non human choices we will explore group relationships and group game dynamics that will apply to all improv human or non human.


Musical Backdrop – Craig Uhlir

We will do a bunch of scenes that are silent, non verbal, but will have music playing during it. We will explore the communication and connections in scenes besides the words.


Make and Bake A Move – Nnamdi Ngwe

Hesitancy from you or your ensemble kills momentum or an entire piece. We’ll explore how we can make moves that support others and make moves others would love to support.


Improv your Swag – Nnamdi Ngwe

Lacking confidence in your day to day life and/or improv? Let’s work it out together. Come here, open up, and leave confident af.


Music Improv 1 – John Sturk

Learn the fundamentals of improvising with singing! We’ll work on some rhyming exercises, rhythm, timing, and a few short-form games to get your on your path to singprov! No previous experience in musical improv is necessary.


Music Improv 2 – John Sturk

Create a long-form narrative musical, Broadway-style! We’ll focus on ensemble work, finding a form, and storytelling through song. Previous experience is helpful, but not completely necessary.


Musical Games Compendium – John Sturk

We’ll go through a whirlwind of short and medium-length musical improv games. There might be some old favorites you recognize, and a few you may not. Warm up your vocals – this one will be a workout!



We only have one body, let’s move it! Half Zumba / half improvised dance, we’re going to break a sweat and wiggle our bodies in new and exciting ways!


Vision Boards – Stacey Smith

Let’s love one another via improv and crafts! In this workshop, we will make vision boards and focus on all the things that we do well!


SHOW BUSINESS! –  Jill Valentine

We can produce on stage but now need to put on our producer hat and learn a bit about the back end of the business. Talk about things like budgeting, booking a venue, reading contracts, marketing and publicity, getting butts in seats, press releases, and getting talent agents and reviewers to the show!


IMPROV for TV – Jill Valentine

Learn the step by step process of how to get represented. Improvisers are always called into auditions because you have a skill that not all actors have. You can write copy on the spot. Learn the different types of scenarios you can be thrown into!