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Take a look at the awesome Workshops to be held during 2018’s TIR!


Improv is rarely a solo endeavor. This workshop will focus on how you can become the best possible partner your teammates could imagine. Games and exercises showing how to listen to what your partner really wants, and turn them into a rockstar. If we’re all doing this for each other, we’re a team of rockstars and we all win!

This workshop is a survey of methods to turn the corner on a scene that has stalled out and is struggling to progress, a look at philosophies and techniques through which we can find what happens next.

Let’s do improv in Spanish!
It doesn’t matter if you speak Spanish!
You can do it anyway!
¡Sí se puede!


See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil
Scenes with an emphasis on the senses of hearing, Speaking, and Eye Contact.
Augment your scene work with simple things that help you connect with your scene partner and make things happen!

Group scenes and games as non-humans. Learn how to navigate within group scenes and learn about relationship, all as non- human characters the whole time!


Improv Rehab
Looking to get out of your head, create richer environments and stay connected to your group while improvising? Every improviser picks up a bad habit or two along their journey. Improv Rehab targets the big ones and keeps the entire group actively participating throughout.

Look Out(ward)!
When we’re scared our natural instinct is to take care of ourselves. This workshop strives to make you look outward to take care of your partner rather than retreating inward to making moves to save yourself. We’re reprogramming instincts!


Making Up Movies
You’ll make an improvised movie, from concept to editing. We’ll take the concepts of improvisation and put them in front of the camera.

No Adults Allowed
This is recess for adults. Educators believe in the power of play in the learning process, so we’ll play and make-up silly kids games to see if we can’t learn something.


My Status, My Choice
“No one can make you inferior without your consent.” Improvisation tells us to say yes to things, but creative yeses help us avoid traps of low-status or being pigeon-holed. You make choices, you don’t have your right to choices made! Let’s laugh and do the unexpected. (Female-identifying and non-binary players encouraged, but all are welcome.)

Be Here Now
A trippy, bohemian workshop meant to connect people heart to heart and mind to mind. Work and play in presence with one another, the cornerstone in creating beautiful collaborative art. Leave with a new heart connection or two, and remember the importance of centering your troupes back home. A classic of camp!

Show Me Your Song (tentative)
Wondering why you can’t get that passion behind your musical scenes? Let a pro push you through emotion, commitment, and side coach you to musical bliss and freedom of joyful musical improvisation. (Some experience required)


“Imporv to Skortch” with Arch
This workshop will focus on some of the techniques, ideas and exercises used by The Second City for over 50 years to construct quality written material through improvisation. This on your feet workshop lead by Former Second City Actor/Director Ryan Archibald will teach you how to write, rewrite and edit on your feet just like the Pros.

Loving Short Form Improv
You want to earn a pay check improvising? Then you better start mastering Short Form Improvisation. Every professional Improv Theater in the World uses “Theater Games” to entertain their audiences. Having performed for years in Las Vegas, Amsterdam and a half dozen Cruise Ships, Ryan Archibald has “mastered” Short Form and he wants to share this knowledge with you! No shit! This on your feet workshop will not only help you with Games but will improve your audition skill set too!

The History of Chicago Improvisation with Arch (tentative)
This low impact workshop/lecture will explore the history of how Chicago Improv became Chicago Improv. Ryan Archibald will lead a discussion covering many of the techniques, philosophies and personalities that helped shape the most supportive creative community in the World. From Spolin to Napier, the Compass Players to the Shithole, the battle between Bernie and Del and much much more.


Silence Is Golden
We will explore silence as totality as well as internally inside of spoken scenes. The space in between the words can offer us so much, if only we let it. There will be object work.

MAKE ME!!! : 100% ChallengeProv
95% or improv is giving yourself permission but sometimes it’s nice to grant that permission and be thrown into new choices. This workshop we will dare you into characters, premises and scenes. You’ll get to try on a shitload of new characters and choices you never would’ve thought of yourself. The ultimate improv trust, the ultimate challenge to your comfort zone. Test your ability to ‘let go’ and play.


Make & Bake A Move
Hesitancy from you or your ensemble kills momentum or an entire piece. But you can overcome this! We’ll explore how you as an individual can make moves that support others and empower you to make positive moves others would love to support.

Improvise your Swag
Lacking confidence in your day to day life and/or improv? Let’s work it out together. Come here, open up, and leave confident af.


Start in the Middle with You
Ready to get right to the meat of the scene? Let’s dive into the discoveries and hit em’ where it hurts.

Save the Drama
Dramatic Improv. ‘Nuff said.


Fast and Funny
This class that teaches folks how to play for quicker pacing, just like the team 3Peat in Chicago. How tight can you be as an ensemble? If you trust each other enough and have the energy to play hard, you can guarantee you are able to both come together and sustain a fast, high energy show.

Showcase Ready (tentative)
Want to be showcase ready for SNL, Just For Laughs, and other showcases when they come around? In this workshop Patrick will give you feedback and personal notes on your material to help create a tighter funnier 5 minutes that shows off your characters and impersonations so you will be showcase ready.

Mono Scene
This workshop will give you the tools to sustain a scene for as long as you want. We’ll work on holding on to character choices, engaging in the environment, and enjoying the silence of scenes. You’ll gain the confidence you need to keep a scene going as well as hold the audiences attention to create deep meaningful work.


Red Light District
Come take a walk on the dark side of town and explore a side of your improv game that you didn’t know that you had in you, dramatic improvisation! This workshop will push you to the edge in committing to your choices and connecting with your scene partners, verbally, physically and emotionally. Deep, intense and not for the faint of heart, go all in and take a trip to the Red Light District!

Organic Narrative
Getting stuck trying to make honest choices while building a narrative in your improv? Feel like your narrative improv is getting stale? Want to go on journeys as your characters instead of thinking about plot? Organic Narrative is all about making honest character and emotional choices and exploring where they will take you next. With solid beginnings, middles and ends Organic Narrative will get you improvising the greatest stories every told!

Jon Colby – Counselor

Beginnning Musical – I Got the Music In Me
There is something about musical improv that really impresses people. The idea of creating lyrics on the spots is fascinating for some and terrifying for others. It’s not as difficult as most people would believe. In this workshop, participants will learn several tips and tricks to make it improvised singing on stage easier and more fun. Whether you sing on Broadway or just in the shower, this workshop is for you. (Taught with David Schmoll!)

Telling a Story – 4 Minutes or Less!
Do you remember the six points of plot structure from your 8th grade English class? It’s okay. Most people don’t. If you’ve never done improv before or if you’ve ever been in a scene that felt like it had nowhere to go, this workshop will help! In two hours, you’ll be refreshed on what makes a good story and how to “write” one on the fly in a short form improv scene.

DAVID SCHMOLL – Musical Director

Beginners Musical Improv
I’ve Got the Music In Me (Co-taught with Jon Colby)

Show Me Your Song (tentative)
(Co-taught with Tara DeFrancisco)

Beginning Musical Direction
Want to be Musical director for a troupe? This will explore when to play, how to play, and giving simple time signatures for improvisers to find in beginning troupes. Whether it is underscoring or leading a song for which others can sing along, this workshop hits both styles and gives practical tips on how to start or grow!


Pitch Your Own Show
Always wanted to make a show of your own and create space? Take this workshop for practical tips and direction. Whether it’s making a new space for those underrepresented in your community or pitching a show to a larger theatre that has not yet been done, here’s some tips and tricks.

RENCE NEMEH – Apprentice

Embrace Your Inner Queen
A dream course to lead: living your biggest fantasy on stage (example: for me, who is your inner drag queen – maybe something different for you). The focus here is on attacking big character identities, big emotional filters, and how to use clear, passionate wants and relatable context to make it all stage-worthy. When we all sashay away, we will know how to werrrrrrrrrk it – And make it work for you!