What’s it like designing a camp?



Absolute mania.

The past two weeks have been riddled with notecards, scraps of paper, iPad sticky notes, texts and emails to counselors. The little camp that could skyrocketed to 200 registrants and it’s been an awesome experience.

But, now is the third hard task – getting this jigsaw puzzle to fit juuuust right.

Counselors – there are 16.

Classes – there are 40.

Activity slots – 4, with two or three options per slot.

shows – yes. Both nights.

…but, it’s going. Soon, the classes will be aligned in a drop down menu for selection, and people can build their a la carte experience.

Trying to remind myself that these are killer teachers, no one will be disappointed, and we will find times at night and morning to gather and gather and gather and just love to hell out of each other. That’s what it’s all about.

Okay, back to it. See you on the other side.