The Improv Retreat Waiver of Liability

Here is what you’ll need to Digitally Sign and Accept when completing your Registration:

I, the above named and undersigned, declare that  I am at  least twenty-one (21) years of age, and execute this waiver  of  liability with full  understanding  of  its meaning  and  legal  consequences.  I  hereby expressly release  TIR/Perlman Center, its  owners,  officers,  agents and  employees  (hereinafter  referred  to collectively as ”Releasees”) from all claims arising from the use of facilities and equipment and participation in activities at The Improv Retreat.

I assume any and all risks of all personal injury, including death, property loss, or other damage suffered by me, except that caused willfully and intentionally. I release and hold harmless the Releasees from any and all claims and causes of action that  I have ever had, now have, or may claim  in the  future to have, known or unknown, or that any person claiming through me may have or claim to have against the Releasees created by or arising from my stay on the property of TIR/Perlman.

I have read and understand the following statutory language:

“A general  release does not extend  to  claims which  the  creditor does not know or  suspect  to exist  in his favor  at  the  time  of  executing the  release,  which  if  known  by  him  must  have  materially  affected his settlement with the debtor.”

I  further agree to respect the person and property of others, and to abide by all the rules of TIR,  I  understand  that  violation of  those rules may  lead  to my  expulsion  from  the  event  and  facility without refund. I will endanger no other person at TIR. I agree to be responsible for any  injury or damage  I may cause to The Improv Retreat and/or others in attendance and/or their property. I will follow campsite rules, leaving it the same or better than I found it.

I understand  that  the owners of TIR would  like  to review the wording of any written material publicizing Retreat before its publication (i.e., newsletters, Internet postings, etc.). This brief review process could be easily handled by phone.

Generally, be a good person, and share that with us. Take care of others & yourself, and follow all rules of TIR.


I, the attendee, have read the above waiver of liability, understand its meaning, and agree to its conditions, and my signature is assumed by checking the attached box on the Registration Form.