A must read on Transfers…

A note on Transfers:
Transfers are absolutely fine. We have had only a handful due to unforeseen work or weddings or whatever. We’re trying to be very kind to sweet artists reselling…But these are the rules. There are no exceptions to this policy. None. No. Not you, even. Please read. Most of it is a legal issue. And yes, that applies to you.

***All transfers will be honored until May 9, 2014. If you are transferring any spot to a friend, you must have
A. Registered for classes between April 6th-30th, like other registrants – THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES ASSIGNED AT CAMP TO PEOPLE WHO “FORGOT”, that would be completely unfair to our registrants;
B. Send full name of new student, copy them on email, send their email, phone number and agreement that they have read the camp waiver to theimprovretreat@gmail.com ONLY, no one else. If they do not say yes to the waiver, they cannot come (you signed to buy);
C. Sell at cost or under only. We are sold out to the gills and this thing is not about making money. Please don’t hurt the purpose of the camp itself;
D. Know that if any of these steps are missed by May 9, 2014, we will no longer be able to help you. There will be no other transfers honored beyond that date. It is a legality issue. There will be no classes open upon arrival at camp – they are sold out. All badges will be going to press over this weekend.
E. You alone are responsible for directing them to the website, fb page, and forwarding any and all emails. We are not, in any way.

IF ANY OF THESE STEPS WERE MISSED BY THE ORIGINAL BUYER, IT IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY. REPEAT. RESELLING TICKETS IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY, and we are trying to go the extra mile because we actually give a damn about you. Rules, FAQs, and otherwise have been transmitted over the site, direct emails, fb page, and blog posts. We are not liable for your resell due to unforeseen work/weddings/etc., but we wish you well, wish you could join us and hope you can in the future, and will do everything we can to help this transition for the new camper.

Aaaa Good day.