IMPT! MUST READ! Letters From Camp, #2 (March 26, 2014)

Letters From Camp, #2
March 28, 2014

***PLEASE READ ALL EMAIL NEWSLETTERS FOR PERTINENT OR TIME-SENSITIVE INFORMATION. If you’re receiving this, that means this is the email address you registered as you signed up as a camper with your payment. Please pass these emails along (especially regarding registration, coming soon) if there is a better email for the person attending camp. If you registered recently, all previous information via email can be found on our facebook group or website.***

Hi, campers!
Well, here we are, just about two months prior to camp! Everything is rolling along swimmingly… Here are a few important things to note to keep you on top of the game!

1. GETTING THERE: You’re probably about to start figuring out travel! As heavily noted on the site, just like any other vacation or retreat, getting to and from the camp is solely the responsibility of each camper – but, being the folks we are, we want to be as helpful as possible.

If you are flying in and wondering what is closest before the drive, MILWAUKEE is about 30 minutes and O’HARE is about an hour and a half from Perlman Retreat Center’s Beber Camp. Both are great options!

If you are traveling from Chicago, you’re looking at about a ninety minute drive. We cannot stress the importance of carpooling enough, since there are a lot of you, and hey – ride sharing is green! Want to find a few carpool buddies? Go to our facebook page, make a friend, pool a little cash, and find a spot to meet in one of your major locations!

If you’d like to rent instead, Zipcar has awesome prices, as does Priceline rentals if you leave from any airport. Good luck!

***And finally – check in time begins at NOON on FRIDAY, MAY 30th. You can arrive anytime between noon and 3pm; programming and classes all start at 3PM, so PLEASE be on-site WITHIN THAT WINDOW OR YOU WILL MISS ORIENTATION, PICKING YOUR BUNK, AND YOUR FIRST CLASS.***

2. THE LAST WEEK TO REGISTER: As you know, this camp started as wishful thinking, a dream of how to bring a community together even more tightly. We thought we’d get 50-100 after a long enrollment process, but currently, we are at 243 campers. It’s amazing. REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE BY APRIL 6 OR 260 CAMPERS, WHICHEVER COMES SOONEST. 260 is our maximum capacity for students – so if you have teams or buddies that want to join us, now is the absolute latest time to sign up!

(If you requested a refund to before February 28th, 2014 due to changing work/schedules or the like, one of our interns should be refunding you near the beginning of April. No other refund requests will be honored due to our contractual agreements with the private camp. Transfers are always ok, but we will not transfer info for you until late April.)

3. LITTLE HELP?: Wanna be an intern? You get a free tshirt & $50 off registration! You must live in Chicago AND be able to meet on-site in Wisconsin on the evening of Thursday, May 29 for set-up. Write by April 3rd to be considered. Please note special skills, like spreadsheets, sign making, etc. Replies will only be sent to those accepted.

4. CLASS. SIGN. UP.: After we close registration (on or before April 6th), all of our registrants will then have access to shop classes! It’s going to be a blast, and we are so excited to offer wonderful counselors who are amazing folks! There are over 40 classes, 10 activities, shows for everyone… It’s amazing.

What we need you to look for is our third email, coming in late April. Our super early registrants will have access to sign up a bit earlier, and then all the classes will be open to all registrants. The next email will be sent specifically TO YOU with individualized information, with a beginning date you can start to sign up for courses. Again – don’t worry. All courses are amazing, and you’re gonna have a ball! Class is only a PART of this thing!

5. THANKS! From Tara herself – life has been pretty overwhelming and filled with some unforeseen big issues & news, and this project has been a shining light through all of it. This thing is going to be beautiful. Let’s make it so! Counting the days, friends!

-The Improv Retreat