IMPT: Letters from Camp, #1 (sent Feb 7, 2014)

Letter 1 from The Improv Retreat (for Feb 6, 2014)

Welcome, campers!
This is it, your first official newsletter from The Improv Retreat!

If you’re receiving this, that means this is the email address you registered as you signed up as a camper with your payment. Please pass these emails along (especially regarding registration, coming soon) if there is a better email for the person attending camp.
First things first, we are so excited to have you at the retreat! This weekend began as a pipe dream, a simple quandary if artists all over the Midwest were hungry for a slumber party conference. The answer was a resounding yes – Tara went on to design it with friends and contemporaries, scouted locations, and built an event all by themselves – then the camp superseded expectations of enrollment in 24 hours time. Yep, 24 HOURS – the camp was constructed with the hope that 50 people would show up… Then, within 24 hours, 73 enrolled. So we scrapped the original plan, and challenged ourselves to dream even bigger.

Now, at over 200 registrants, we are almost completed in the planning stage. Thank you for your patience and wild support… We are delighted that people know that we will be having such an amazing experience that they’ve allowed us to work out the small kinks this first year.

15 counselors, bunk beds, fire pits, a lake, all food provided, arts and crafts, dancing, over 40 classes, two nights of Mainstage shows, a jam, s’mores, games, scavenger hunts, and a beautiful private campus in Wisconsin next to a lake later, we are proud to delight in this thing to come.

Thank you. This is going to rule.

Things to know:
1. Registration for our “early adapters” is on it’s way! If you signed up on or before December 31st, that means you get first crack at building your schedule. Next week, you’ll be receiving an email from this address with information on how to pick classes. It’s our way of saying thanks for believing in us, early on. You’ll have a 48 hour window to pick your three workshops first, as promised. When that window closes, you can still enroll later of course – just at the same time as our general ticket buyers.

2. If you paid and registered AFTER December 31, check your email too! Your registration period will be coming rrright after that 48 hour window – and continually open for other new registrants as they sign up from here – so be ready! The sooner you sign up for courses, the more likely you’ll get your favorite classes – but, hey a reminder – these are all country-wide renowned instructors & performers. Please be cool about it. You will luck out no matter what classes you choose, and, socially, the counselors will be around at the camp outside of class to enjoy life with you.

3. All the instructions on how to register for classes will be in the next email you get, so please check your email next week! We are not liable for someone missing the email and do NOT offer refunds just because one class or another is gone – remember, this is an overall experience we are stoked to create together.

There are plenty of classes allotted for our max capacity of campers. Jump on ’em.

4. JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE! It can be found at The Improv Retreat, same name. Campers can talk to each other there! Although we encourage rideshares and the like, just as you would be careful with other getaways, be cautious. You are responsible to your safety – We have no liability for the way you get to and from the campus… So please, take care! Look to the official website ( for FAQs and blogs on the event, and find some pals (or make some) on the fb site before you even get there.

5. Please read each and every email you receive from this address. They will always have pertinent information, and you should only get a handful of emails from here until the event date.

Tell any friends you have about the camp ASAP – we’re over 200 campers, and we can only have 265. If you want a pal to go, get them in now!

My friends and I are absolutely delighted to have you.

Thanks for saying yes.

Tara DeFrancisco
Prez, Performer, Counselor, friend
Do Good Work, LLC / The Improv Retreat, LLC