Important! Check yo’ filters, fools!

Hey, friends! We’ve gotten the loveliest letters about the site and how smoothly it’s been running, and how happy you are with the organization. Thank you for taking the time to be awesome and write those notes! This is a labor of love, and we’re glad it’s going so well.

ONE THING, THOUGH- a handful of you are saying that you are not receiving our “Letters from Camp” newsletters with important information. Those letters were sent at the beginning of February, and end of March. There have been only two, and you also probably received a receipt from paypal. That is all camp has sent.

All emails are time-sensitive and CHOCK FULL OF INFORMATION. They are necessary to read, and are going to the email you bought your ticket with. We cannot help on our end in that department. So, make sure you are receiving emails from and they aren’t going to spam!

The two informational emails will be posted here on the website and the facebook page (The Improv Retreat) tonight. The two new emails, both coming in the next 72 hours after ticket sales end, will give you specific, secure information on how to sign up for classes. They will ONLY go to the email you bought your ticket to camp with.


Otherwise, please read through the old letters, posted here tonight!