We know you’ve got some questions.

Hello there, Camper! Thanks for your interest in attending one of the greatest events around. Have questions? Read through the below – Most likely, it is answered here.

TIR is currently held at The Perlman Retreat Center, a beautiful campground facility primarily used for conferences, spiritual gatherings, and reunions. We use the Youth camp side, due to the possibility of renting the entire campus including a theatre solely for our use. The youth side is wonderful and rustic, and has a true campy vibe.

Perlman is located about 1 hour and 15 minutes from O’Hare airport. It’s closer than almost all Chicago/Illinois rentable grounds, which typically are closer to southern Illinois (a 5 to 6 hour drive). It is 30 minutes from Milwaukee’s airport if you choose to fly in – even closer.

2019: May 30th-June 2nd, 2019.
2020: May 28th-May 31st, 2020.
Generally, it is always held the weekend AFTER Memorial Day.

You got it – Several overnights. It’s a camp for adults who play like kids; It is a conference in the woods with lots of shows, jams, workshops, and general support and camaraderie. This was created in 2012 and the first event began in the summer of 2014, and is now the biggest improvisational sleepover globally, hosting around 200 folks at each event.

When can I arrive / When is camp over?
Campus is ONLY open to the public campers at 7pm THURSDAY NIGHT.
Reception and Registration at 7pm at Crown Hall. You will follow signs to a parking lot, and walk over to the big theatre building to pick up your badge and check in.

Our mixer event starts around 9pm, so come get settled into your assigned cabin before that time, and join the activities and fun!

You may only arrive Thursday from 7pm-11pm, or Friday 9am-1030am. There are no late arrivals beyond those times permitted due to insurance and the host facility’s policy for safety. That’s it. This insures that we can keep abreast of our campers and their well-being. On Sunday, camp ends after our morning meeting around 11am. All campers must be off-campus no later than noon.

Every registrant will get these things, all-inclusive:

  • A BED, housed in a cabin or lodge, randomly assigned
  • ALL 7 MEALS COVERED – starting with breakfast Friday, ending with breakfast Sunday
  • FOUR (NEW! MORE!) 2-HOUR WORKSHOPS WITH INCREDIBLE FACILITATORS THAT YOU CHOOSE, available multiple times Friday and Saturday (first come, first serve)
  • A lanyard with info packet
  • Wi-fi access
  • Climate controlled cabins and lodge area
  • Access to any Lightning Talk
  • Access to panel q&a of the counselors
  • Access to Fri & Sat morning rec activities (yoga, hypnosis, hacking with Uhlir, etc.)
  • Invitation to all jams, Friday & Saturday
  • Invitation to Thursday, Friday & Saturday events/games/bonfires
  • Invitation to Sunday morning goodbye
  • “Tickets” to Mainstage shows (TBA)
  • Parking at camp – carpools encouraged, but there is a lot

How do I get there?
The responsibility of getting there falls upon you, the camper. We keep costs for this camp incredibly low cost, and just like any concert/most getaways, travel is yours to arrange. People often rideshare from cities/theatres, but plenty of folks fly-then-drive or roadtrip alone. Up to you!

Who are the facilitators this year?
The counselors are announced when it is time for class sign up. Class sign up begins in May each year, a few weeks prior to camp. Counselors always return, and we try to add where we can and switch it up only slightly each year. We have a great thing going, and vetted amazing humans. [See our past counselors / apprentices page for reference.]

The classes sound incredible, and I know scheduling is different than other events. How does it all work?
Starting at the end of April, you will receive three newsletters to the address with which you registered. The first will tell you the date you register and your password with which to do so, and how you choose. All of our classes are incredible, and we offer MANY different choices (there will be something like 36 classes minimum at camp each year). Signups work in the order you log in, just like a college scheduling system. You may get everything you want, but as many campers have told us, you often get what you need! You make your own schedule according to what is open the minute you sign up. We can guarantee, however, that all the classes are outstanding resources. (Is it May 2019 and you’d like to look at the class descriptions? Head to our Workshop Details page for 2019 courses.) We offer as much as we can to as many we can rather than offering only a few things per year.

What should I bring?
Definitely a sleeping bag, pillow/blanket, a towel, clothing for 3 days, bug spray, flip flops, a pair of jeans/pants for nighttime cooler temps, a hat/bandana, prescribed medication, sunscreen, and toiletries. All Cabins are climate controlled, so we’re all good there, but no linens are provided. You are in bunk beds, as this is a youth camp.
Suggested items to bring would be non-perishable snacks that you keep in your bunk in case you get hungry outside meal times, a journal, a game to share, a way to take pics. Many improvisers bring something from their home theatre to share (buttons, tshirts, etc.), and many people bring something that may bring others joy (an instrument, a puppet, a craft). Whatever else is dealer’s choice.

What age do I need to be to attend?

21, no exceptions. Our event insurance makes that so, plus alcohol is available for purchase on-site and it funds our scholarship programs. Our youngest campers are 21, our oldest is in their eighties! This weekend is for everyone.

I have a serious medical condition. Can you help make this weekend comfortable?

Our host facility is made for able-bodied kids – that being said, the designer of this camp has a disability and will do anything in her ability to make your stay accessible. We have a cabin or two that it’s easier to get in and out of, for instance. Maybe you have a wheelchair or crutches – just reach out – we’ll work with you. We’ve got your back and we know how frustrating it can be when the arts don’t feel friendly to people like us – so we will make it so. 🙂


If you’ve purchased, you already did, most likely. When you buy the ticket online, you’ll digitally sign our terms and conditions, our code of ethics, and our refund policy. You’ll also fill out a medical emergency form when you get your lanyard at the start of camp.

Are you an underamplified human in improvisation (POC, LGBTIQ, over 65, differently abled) that needs a little financial help getting to camp?

In addition to our full scholarships that we give each year (three-six full rides from nominations only), we give coupons to people that need a hand. Write us at theimprovretreat@gmail.com with subject “Coupon” only if you fall in one of the above categories. Got your back.