Coding, coding, coding… Keep those pages codinnng!

Workshop descriptions, hard confirmations, slots being put together… It’s happening, campers!

For 150 of you, building your schedule is almost here!

Right now, as it stands, here are the course titles…

Storytelling for Improv; Fireball Theory; Mad Skillz; Fear No More; Character Builder; Power Improv Toolkit; Beginning Music Improv; Silent Treatment; Organimorph; You Are Here; Improv for Business; Do A Scene Already!; The Bat; No Humans!; IMprov Rehab; Back to the Joy Ride; Confidence Thru Hypnosis; The OTHER Conflict; and three more to come!!!

In order to get news as quickly as you can regarding registration, PLEASE join the facebook page! It can be found with the same name – The Improv Retreat. All info on registration will be there, reminders and such. As it stands now, our early adapters should be starting to build their schedules early Feb. So pleeeease, keep watching for info, and please bear with us as this is the largest improv camp conference that has ever been joyfully attempted.

Oh, and a reminder – this thing WILL sell out. There is only room for 275, so that means we have just over 60 spots left. Crazy. We know, it’s crazy. So, if you want to go, it’s time to register!!!

Talk to you soon!