2015 Event is upon us!

We’Re so very excited to have so many campers in 2015. 240 folks so far are coming to this little mecca in the woods, the happiest place in improv.

Things of note:

Two newsletters have gone out – one on April 17, 2015, and one on May 8, 2015. Both had pertinent info on times, rules, class signups, codes, and joining the fb page for more real time information. The first newsletter has been posted there in case it fell in your spam folder – but it successfully was received by 96% of our campers. Check with the original buyer on emails if it was not received!


Class signup is TODAY, AT 6PM CST! As so many of you know, though there is so much more to camp than classes, it is a very exciting day. Have patience with the site – so many of you will be scheduling at once -but the process was incredibly smooth last year. Log in with your code and email address, and you’ll be good to go! Workshops offered can be seen here, on the workshops page!