The Midwest is home to thousands and thousands of improvisers, some of whom have never met.

Some that have studied the same lessons, the same text, the same tenets, the same teachers, and have hoped to grow under the same guidance of the golden rules.

Those players have dreamed the same dreams, maybe with some variation (I want to work here or there, I hope to be professional, I wish I could keep growing this art); the good ones – well, the really good ones – just want to be GOOD, really – and attempt to live by the same principles we practice on stage:

Listen. Play. Share. Think. Breathe. React. Understand. Be affected. Give a damn.

Say yes.

Some dreamers got together, and all said yes to a thought – even though it might be crazy – one weekend soon, let’s all be together, a new way.

The Improv Retreat

May 28th-May 31st, 2020

The Perlman Retreat Center

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The Counselors

There are some really wonderful people that have made this camp an incredible experience. Not only have each of these people guided your general experience over the retreat weekend, but they have all taught workshops, given lectures, and have had the same amount of fun (if not more) alongside all of you at this mega sleepaway retreat. Meet these faces of your past-and-present teachers (and pals).
  • Rene Duquesnoy Rene Duquesnoy
  • Jill Bernard Jill Bernard
  • Craig Uhlir Craig Uhlir
  • Tara DeFrancisco Tara DeFrancisco
  • Rance Rizzutto Rance Rizzutto
  • Nnamdi Ngwe Nnamdi Ngwe
  • Ryan Archibald Ryan Archibald
  • Charna Halpern Charna Halpern
  • Susan Messing Susan Messing
  • resume_image resume_image
  • Joe Bill Joe Bill
  • matt-higbee matt-higbee
  • john-sturk john-sturk
  • lyndsay_small lyndsay_small
  • Elwell_teach Elwell_teach